Benefits of Organic Traffic for Your Business Website

Deciding the right traffic strategy is one of the most crucial parts of running an online business. The kind of traffic you focus on could affect the ranking of your page. Both forms of traffic have their benefits and drawbacks.

While paid traffic operates on getting maximum clicks and responses from users, organic traffic requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO). According to studies, Google search engine uses more than 200 factors to determine your ranking in search results.

There are plenty of benefits of organic traffic for companies as compared to paid traffic. Let us have a look at these benefits:

Benefits of Organic Vs Paid Traffic

Cost Efficiency

The cost of paid traffic is the biggest concern for most companies. Although using paid traffic helps companies get extensive response, it hits the wallet hard. Companies tend to spend millions of dollars every year on their traffic strategy and paid traffic. This approach may seem like the better option, but the benefits are only realized so long as the ad campaign remains active.

Organic traffic may take more time to build and attract users to your site, but it is much more cost friendly. You can save the extra money from paid traffic and build your SEO organic traffic instead. Building with SEO is a far better approach than investing endless money for traffic in the long run.


Organic traffic is far more reliable when compared with paid traffic. Website owners are aware that visitors to their website tend to be more valuable with organic traffic. Paid traffic may get you higher response numbers on the search engines but it will wear out overtime. Many paid users are inactive or merely browsing, so they do not count toward your conversion rate in the long run. You could have 75% organic traffic of the total paid traffic and still get better results with it. Remember, it is about quality and not quantity.

Competitive Dominance

Digital marketing is becoming cut throat as more and more people advertise their business online every day. It becomes quite difficult to maintain one’s stature and position effectively with paid traffic alone. Your competitor could be two steps ahead of you or miles far from you, depending on whether or not you invest in SEO and organic traffic development.

We know that organic traffic takes more effort than paid traffic, but we assure you that the investment will be worth it in the end. You will have a much better online presence if your organic traffic starts rushing in soon. Just imagine all the possibilities this additional traffic can do for your business.


Organic traffic undoubtedly has better results in the long run which is why most companies are now investing in boosting their organic traffic. We hope that this guide helps you make a better decision for your company. Contact us for more details on how can help you develop your paid and organic traffic today!

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