How To Rank Higher In Google Search Results For My Website?

You have built a stunning website for your online business, but now you’re wondering how can you get more traffic for your website? Not to worry, we can help you solve this problem of not enough, little or no traffic to your website. By the end of this article, you will understand how to rank higher in Google search results for your website, giving your business website greater visibility. Before you know it your website will be on the first page of Google where it deserves to be seen.

Website Page Optimization

The first step to rank higher in Google search results is to make sure that your entire website is optimized for Google’s search algorithm. While the details of how Google’s search algorithm works remains top secret, we do know of a few things that are proven to work to your advantage. One of the first things you should do is make sure that all of your pages have undergone search engine optimization (SEO) accordingly. Getting started with SEO, you must first ensure that each page on your business website has a title, a meta description, and an image alt tag. Each of these elements should contain the exact same matching keyword. Also the first paragraph of text on the page should contain your keyword as soon as possible. Once you’ve taken these initial steps, you will want to mention the keyword as many times as appropriate on the page, however be sure to avoid “keyword stuffing”, the practice of writing a keyword repeatedly for the sole purpose of ranking higher in Google search results; this practice is frowned upon by the Google search algorithm. These are the best SEO practices, and should be used as a starting point to improve your website’s Google search ranking.

Website Images Optimization

Once you’ve optimized your website according to these SEO principles, you’ll next want to check your website’s speed and performance. This is one of the known ranking factors for Google search results confirmed by the CEO of Google himself. Luckily Google has a free tool just for this purpose known as Google PageSpeed which will tell you all sorts of technical information about your website and how you can improve it’s speed. One of the most important things you can do to improve your website’s speed is to ensure that all of your website’s images are optimized. Oversized images, and images with lots of metadata attached to them will require additional storage space and bandwidth. This causes the web server to work harder and takes longer to download for visitors to your website. By simply scaling down the resolution of your images and using an image optimization tool to strip away unnecessary meta data, you can greatly improve your website’s speed and performance.

Website Code Optimization

Lastly we would like to mention that to really fine tune and improve your website’s performance, you will need to reduce the burden on your website server from the website code itself. Your website is made up of several different types of code, most commonly HTML, CSS, and JS which are the structure, style, and workings of your website. When there are extra code or scripts that must be loaded, visitors to your website may be experience a delay in actually seeing any visible content. This creates a poor user experience, and visitors are more likely to become impatient and click back to a competitor website. By prioritizing the code responsible for visible content over other code, a better user experience can be accomplished and visitors are more likely to be retained. This is obviously beneficial for you as visitors will be more likely to engage with your offers, your website’s bounce rate will be lower, and Google will view your website as being more relevant giving you a boost.

Get An SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection between the web server and your visitor’s device preventing access from unscrupulous third parties. This is a really simple way to improve your SEO, and it doesn’t have to cost you thanks to services like Let’s Encrypt which allow you to obtain a free SSL certificate for your website. By the way, it’s worth noting we offer free 1-click installation for these SSL certificates with all of our web hosting plans.

Final Thoughts

By following the tips you’ve learned today in this article, you should have great success in your pursuit to have your website rank higher in Google search results. That being said, we know that SEO can be a daunting task and we’re here to help you achieve the greatest visibility for your brand and your website online. Contact us today to have your questions answered, and we’ll even perform a website analysis FREE of charge to start you on the right path.

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