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When Alessa Zaccagna of Dolce Vita Design first approached Tradition Marketing, her architectural and interior design brand had been built primarily through traditional marketing methods with an emphasis on in-person networking. In regards to online assets, the company had a website and maintained a blog. However it was apparent that there was a disconnect between the company’s digital marketing and its current position. Much work had been done over the years, much experience had been acquired, and the portfolio required an update. It was necessary to bring the company’s image up-to-date with it’s current brand positioning as a high-end luxury architectural and interior design firm.

We sat down with Alessa at her Hallandale Beach office to discuss her vision for the company’s website. During our analysis of the existing website we had noted that content was diluted within large margins of surrounding blank space and thus was diminished by not utilizing the entirety of screen space. This we find is often the case with older websites as they were built without adherence to responsive design practices and purposed for small square shaped screens. In consideration for the beauty of Alessa’s work, we wanted to be sure that it was given proper placement and space needed to really shine! This meant constructing the new website so that content filled the entire width of the screen in order to be fully appreciated by website visitors.

Next we began the search for different themes that captured the essence of architectural and interior design. We selected several themes as examples each presenting a unique look and all comprising excellent assets. Alessa was clear that she preferred, in contrast to an abundance of fancy animations, a more minimalist look. We were finally able to settle on the perfect theme and got to work on the actual web design and development.

There were some challenges, but it was nothing that we couldn’t handle. The many images comprising the portfolio and the necessity for editing and optimizing each one individually, resulted in a considerable amount of time being spent on preparation work. At the same time, the website needed to be completed quickly so that it could be presented as a marketing tool to interested parties at upcoming meetings. Out of respect for deadlines, we worked overtime in constant communication to get the core of the website finished quickly. Continuing this momentum, we were able to complete the project entirely in approximately one month’s time.

The homepage of the website now opens with a stunning full-screen image of Alessa on-site at one of her projects located at the Oceana condominium in Bal Harbour. This bold opening immediately captures the visitor’s attention and encourages continued exploration. Afterward visitors arrive upon a portfolio slider which elegantly displays images from different projects. Interested visitors can click on either of these links to view an entire project. Other sections of the website include an “About” page where visitors can learn more, a “Services” page, a new and improved “Blog” page, and “Contact” page where visitors can get in touch.

Taking it a step further, through search engine optimization (SEO) we were able to knock out brands with similar names and claim the first spot on the first page in Google search results for the keyword “Dolce Vita Design” in order to prevent brand confusion while maximizing organic search traffic. Through new content creation we expect to obtain greater market share by directing more organic traffic to the website. We will accomplish an enhanced SEO boost in Google search rankings by emphasizing blog updates and social media marketing.

Scott Pfaff, CEO of Tradition Marketing, states “Working with Dolce Vita Design has been a wonderful experience. We admire Alessa’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative talent. Just as she creates treasured spaces for her clients, we wanted to do the same for her website. That’s what we did, and we’re very proud of the results.”

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Dolce Vita Design
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