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When we initially approached Trust Lending, the company was already prospering having established offices in multiple states including Florida, Texas, and elsewhere across the United States – with future expansion in mind. The company had a website, and it even listed some of the different loan products the company offered, but the overall look was outdated for the time and the company’s growth. In addition, because the company was undergoing expansion, it was very important that it be easy for applicants to apply for open employment opportunities. Likewise, the company wanted to make it easy for prospective clients to get in touch – and even get pre-approved for a new loan directly through the company website.


In collaboration with GrouDigital another digital marketing agency in Miami, FL we began by choosing an appropriately designed corporate template as our starting point which we then customized to the client’s preference. Keeping in tune with the latest web design trends, we decided to place a large full-width background video at the top of the homepage for users to visualize from the onset. The idea here was to immediately grab the user’s attention lending to a lower bounce rate (click away rate) and prompting as much as 88% more time spent on the website. As an overlay on top of the background video, we placed the company’s slogan “It’s A Matter Of Trust” and two buttons titled “Buy A Home” and “Refinance” linked to pages summarizing new loan projects and refinance loan products respectively. This navigation flow was meant to be mindful of user experience in which prospective clients will select whether they are purchasing a new home or are interested in refinancing an existing loan. The user is then taken to the appropriate page to view all of the different loan products available to them based on their specific needs.

Below the background video, we placed a call-to-action for users to get pre-qualified directly on the website. Whenever a user clicks on this button, a pop-up appears which will then intake certain user information including: the type of loan requested, an estimated credit score, total loan and down payment amounts, and other pertinent information which is then forwarded to a mortgage loan originator within the company for review. This compelling and appropriately placed call-to-action is particularly useful since it makes it very easy for prospective clients to inquire about loan products. Likewise this convenience is beneficial to the company because it allows for more prospective client leads to be generated on autopilot.

We always feel that it is important that companies be transparent in their methods of doing business so that buyers are equipped with confidence. This in turn reduces worry, builds trust, and ultimately increases the odds that a prospective client will convert into an actual client. With this in mind, we created a section titled “The Trust Lending Process” which breaks down the lending process into four simple steps so buyers know exactly what to expect ahead of time. To round out the homepage, we placed a carousel toward the bottom of the page which contains an infinite loop of logos representing all of the different organizations and entities with which the company is affiliated or by which it is recognized. This helps to further instill confidence and trust in visitors to the website.

Throughout much of the website we made extensive use of animations in which content moves across the screen into place resulting in a website that appears much more lively than the static website that preceded before. This captivates attention and helps to maintain more user time spent on the website even once the user has navigated away from the visually stimulating homepage towards other pages.

Scott Pfaff, CEO of Tradition Marketing, states “This was a big project for which we are very grateful to have had the opportunity to team up with our friends at GrouDigital and collaborate on together. We look forward to continued work with Trust Lending and other companies in the financial industry.”

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Trust Lending
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