XII AM Barbershop

XII AM Barbershop


When LEVEL, the owner of XII AM Barbershop, first approached Tradition Marketing, he had just recently opened the doors to his new shop in South Beach right next to the Versace Mansion between Ocean Drive and Collins Ave. With years of experience behind him as an accomplished Miami barber, it was an exciting time to start a new venture. There was much planning and development to be done including the installation of shop lighting, branding, designing a new website, and of course simply getting the word out! As a new business owner, LEVEL clearly understood the importance of digital marketing and hiring a web designer to build a website as part of his overall marketing plan.

Over the course of several weeks we went through several stages of development including: the selection of an appropriate theme, the initial buildout, refinements, and final modifications. The final result we arrived at is a very professional simple, modern, and sleek website that embodies the XII AM brand while offering consistency between both the online and in-person experience for the customers.

Any business related to personal grooming, beauty, or appearance often undergoes a great deal of scrutiny from customers, and barbershops are no exception. Since customers often conduct an in-depth information search including checking reviews online before making a final decision, we focused heavily on testimonials and went as far as implementing a premium Google Reviews slider. This ensures that all of the positive customer feedback the barbershop has received on Google will be featured front and center on the homepage indefinitely.

Taking it a step further, the entire website was SEO optimized utilizing specific industry-related keywords which have already allowed the website to rank in Google and other search engine results. We are now in the process of generating back-links to help improve organic search rankings further while also promoting the website on the Google search and display networks including Google Maps within the surrounding South Beach area.

Scott Pfaff, CEO of Tradition Marketing, states that “It was such a pleasure to work with LEVEL and XII AM Barbershop. This was our very first project for a new small business in Miami Beach, and we’re very proud of the work we’ve accomplished. We look forward to continued work with LEVEL and likewise with other businesses in the area.”

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XII AM Barbershop
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