Magic Blue Pools

Magic Blue Pools

When Joel Pineda, owner of Magic Blue Pools, first approached Tradition Marketing for assistance developing his online marketing presence, he had already built a successful business, but he simply wasn’t seeing the level of traffic he desired.

Joel had already taken several steps in the right direction. He was a natural born “hustler” capable of finding new work by leveraging his existing connections and through superb networking. He had already began the design process of his website on his own, but was stuck in a creative roadblock with limited time to dedicate to coding while managing and running his business.

That’s when Scott Pfaff, CEO of Tradition Marketing, sat down with Joel and developed a plan to improve his digital presence. What Scott offered was a vision for a website that would really capture the essence of the Magic Blue Pools brand, leaving a strong first impression in the minds of potential new clientele. At the same time, it would be of upmost importance to ensure that once the new design was complete, that it would gain traction and exposure online, being seen and heard by Miami-Dade residents seeking out pool services – especially during the critical Summer months. A comprehensive strategy would be necessary, focusing heavily on the brand’s Google presence and social media appearance. We set out from the very beginning to see more rapid growth in the business.

The entire project was taken into the dedicated and careful hands of Tradition Marketing’s CEO himself. Committed to seeing results, Scott worked day and night to come up with a much improved design for the website which now includes a very serene HD cover video of a swimming pool with the tranquil sound of running water playing in the background. The website now offers a high quality user experience with improved copy, high-resolution images, fade-in animation of elements, and a funnel to capture local client leads.

According to Scott, “The inspiration was always the customer, for whom Joel consistently goes out of his way when he completes projects. The idea was to permit clients to envision getting back to their pools, which were available for their relaxation and enjoyment.”

From an SEO perspective, we were able to make great leaps by optimizing the entire website for search engine results. Through a team effort, we were able to basically knock out a competitor’s number one spot in search results. Now when you search “Magic Blue Pools” you see one brand – the client’s business of course!

SEO – Before

SEO – After

Through Google Analytics we have been able to see a major improvement in website traffic from almost no traffic to now a growing level of organic search traffic on a daily basis. More than 70% of this traffic comes from users searching for a product/service versus the name of the business itself. That’s great news because it means those who haven’t heard of Magic Blue Pools before are now being exposed to and connecting with the brand – leading to sales opportunities.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to work on this project, and look forward to a prosperous business relationship for the future.”

Magic Blue Pools
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