FreshStart(s) Behavioral Therapy

FreshStart(s) Behavioral Therapy

When we first spoke with Brett Warner, CEO at FreshStart(s) Behavioral Therapy, we quickly came to understand that the company had enjoyed explosive growth since its founding with a surge in local demand for its Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and related behavioral therapy services. This was true so much in fact that the company had gone on to win multiple awards and recognition from multiple agencies and organizations for it’s quality of service. The website had in contrast remained rather static since the company’s startup days and was in desperate need of an updated look to match the company’s current position and influence in the South Florida healthcare industry. This is where Tradition Marketing was of strategic importance to provide the necessary improvements.

For this project we decided that a complete website overhaul would be the best solution while maintaining and improving upon certain brand elements of the original website. After an initial consultation, we decided that WordPress would be the best platform on which to build the new website given the platform’s user-friendly interface and capability for extended functionality through the use of WordPress plugins. The user-friendly interface would allow authorized employees to login, access and update data. Meanwhile WordPress plugins would assist with various essential website functions like branding, design, security, and SEO. Advanced contact forms would provide for valuable company functions such as hiring, client-intake, and marketing.

As for the design of the website, we decided that it would be important to take into account the company’s target audience which is primarily focused on providing professional services to children. We wanted to ensure the website did not have an appearance that was overwhelmingly corporate nor medical. Instead the website would be fun and kid-friendly while remaining informative and useful to parents and/or caretakers when making important healthcare decisions. As a result, we relied on imagery of children in fun interactive therapy sessions. We also emphasized the use of bright colors while promoting the concepts of imagination and creativity. Additionally we implemented the company’s branding elements throughout the website with these criteria in mind.

Following the initial design and build of the new website, Tradition Marketing was hired for professional photography and to create employee profiles for all employees, now accessible as a directory on the website. In addition we have since added complex contact forms that have significantly reduced and may soon even eliminate reliance on paper applications altogether for the company. This has created an improved experience for prospective clients and job applicants while optimizing the workflow for existing employees. Worth noting as well, we have made the website entirely HIPAA compliant by utilizing a virtual private server (VPS), implementing encrypted backups, and by securing the website with two-factor authentication along with strict data access protocols. Altogether these actions have greatly improved the quality of service the company is able to offer at the initial point of contact while solidifying the company’s integrity and reputation in the South Florida healthcare industry.

In the future Tradition Marketing looks forward to continue assisting FreshStart(s) Behavioral Therapy with further improving the company’s internal processes by seeking out digital solutions to improve workflow. In addition we expect to continue optimizing the company’s image and visibility in the South Florida market through regular website updates, use of search engine optimization (SEO), and digital marketing campaigns. Scott Pfaff, CEO at Tradition Marketing, having worked directly with the client on this project, states “it is always a pleasure to work with the FreshStart(s) team. We look forward to a continued relationship and mutual growth for the foreseeable future.”

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